Family suing Honda over recalled airbags speaks out

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The family of a man killed in a crash involving a defective airbag is on a mission to warn others about the danger.

Carlos Solis, 35, was killed during a minor car accident in Spring on January 18th. He was driving his 2002 Honda Accord.

Honda confirmed his airbag made by Takata, a Japanese company, was part of a massive recall. The airbags exploded on impact sending metal chards flying. Solis' family say a piece of metal the size of a hockey puck lodged in his neck. A preliminary autopsy lists blunt force trauma to the neck area as a cause of death.

In their first interview since Solis' death was linked to the recall, his younger brothers vow to do whatever they can to save others their same pain. His death is the 6th believed caused by defective airbags.

"No one else needs to die. Carlos needs to be the last person to die from this," Scott Solis said.

Solis' car was part of a 2011 recall. He bought it in 2014. Eric Solis thinks Honda could have done more.

"They send a letter out? That's it? They should call you. They should knock on your door. If it can kill you, it's worth knocking," Solis said.

The brothers have now been warning strangers about the potentially deadly problem. They also plan to file a lawsuit, also hoping it brings awareness as well as justice.

"You're talking vehicles that essentially have a roadside bomb inside them - so a safety aspect of the car that can actually kill," added the family's attorney Jim Perdue.

Honda and Acura owners can check their vehicles' recall status at www.reca or by calling their authorized dealer.

You can check all recalls on the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's web site.
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