Driver asked to return car gets new one after Turning to Ted

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- When Nhung Nguyen wanted a new car, she picked out the red Nissan Murano she wanted and made the deal.

"This is a good car at a good price," Nguyen said.

She bought the car and drove it home, but before she could even get used to that new car smell, she found out she had to give it back.

"After three weeks, the saleswoman called me and told me (to) come to dealer," Nguyen told 13 Investigates' Ted Oberg.

That's when she found out the car she had in her driveway wasn't hers.

"The car they gave you was titled in someone else's name," Oberg asked her. "How does that happen?"

"I don't know," Nguyen said.

But it did. A mix up with keys at Sterling McCall Nissan let Nguyen take a Murano home that had already been bought by someone else.

Call after call didn't get it sorted, so Nguyen's English teacher told her to call Ted and he got to work.

Once Oberg connected Nguyen and the Sterling McCall general manager, she got a new car and the old car with the other customer's name went back to the dealer.

She went home in a car with the same model, color and payment, but slightly upgraded and now in her name.

"Thank you very much," Nguyen told Oberg.

The key for Nguyen was to put her in touch with the general manager himself. He offered Oberg his cell number to give to her and that seemed to clear up any confusion.

When you're buying a car, most people scrutinize the paperwork about the price. One tip that can help buyers is to make sure the VIN on the car you test drive or want matches the paperwork you're signing. Take a picture on your phone if you need to.

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