Expert tips on what to do if your car floods

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Like many others, the staff of Orion Car Care on West Bellfort had to clean up after heavy rain flooded the parking lot.

Owner Bhavesh Patel says drivers do not often consider the cost of driving through high water. Once your car dies, a wrecker could cost around a hundred bucks, then diagnostic testing and replacing fluids, engine oil, brake and transmission fluid could cost hundreds more - a minimum of $300 at his shop

Patel explained, "If you go one foot, okay, but if you go above one foot, all these computers and everything get wet."

Patel's number one piece of advice after you stall in high water is don't try to restart the car.

"As soon as you turn the key on, the power supplies that go for all the modules, and all the computers... it shorts inside, and burns the unit out," Patel explained.

So perhaps the best advice is a simple reminder of what you already know.

"If you see the high water, do not go in the water," Patel said.
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