Check these gas-saving apps before you fill up at the pump

Save money at the pump with these four top-rated gas apps by CNN Money.

Gas Buddy

If you haven't already heard of this app, download it right now. I use it.

It's simple, easy and will find you the cheapest prices in your area. There's also an incentive to post gas prices by offering a daily drawing for a $100 gas card.

Gas Guru

This app keeps its prices up-to-date by using data from the Oil Price Information Service. It also provides directions to get to the gas station, and you can share your savings on Facebook.


This app will tell you everything about your car, if it's a 1996 model or newer. It will tell you what your check engine light means and how your driving style translates to how much gas you're using.

This app also provides gas price information but doesn't crowd source the data.


MapQuest is still around for gas prices.

You can choose your favorite stations and select your fuel grade, then the app will direct you to the cheapest one in your area.
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