Study: Clear Lake on cheaper end of Greater Houston-area car insurance rates

HOUSTON, Texas -- On average, Clear Lake residents pay $885.68 annually for car insurance, making the location cheaper than most other Greater Houston areas when it comes to vehicle insurance, according to a study by

Of the 26 Houston neighborhoods included in the study, Clear Lake ranked as the 10th-cheapest area for car insurance rates. East Downtown and Midtown are the cheapest, not breaking $800, and West University Place is by far the most expensive at over $1,300, according to the study.

The average cost of car insurance across all Houston neighborhoods is $918.47, putting Clear Lake below average. Nearly $717 separates car insurance rates between the cheapest and most expensive neighborhoods, according to the study.

A big factor in car insurance pricing is crime rates. Lake Houston and Kingwood are among the safer areas in Houston and held cheaper insurance rates at $844.94 and $830.23 respectively, according to the study.

Income levels also affect insurance rates. West University Place is among the richest Houston neighborhoods, which is a factor in its high car insurance costs, according to the study.

To conduct the study, built a test profile by looking at drivers age 22 or older who are either renting or in a single-family home. The drivers in the study all had clean driving records, proof of prior insurance, a bachelor's degree and no additional drivers on their policy.

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