Auto Show underway at NRG Park

HOUSTON -- The Roachelle family is experiencing the Houston Auto Show for the first time, guided by their fearless leader, 9-year-old Daxton.

He's an expert salesman.

"This the 2015 Toyota Tundra," Daxton Roachelle said. "It's the toughest truck in the whole world. And the back has space for your legs and cupholders."

Daxton stars in his own truck commercials with his older sister Hallie behind the camera. His parents shared one of his home videos with Eye Witness News.

"Ya'll this is a Tundra, built in Texas, the Lonestar State," Daxton said in the video. "Come on, inside passenger's seat, it's very dirty in here."

Daxton is in Heaven at the Houston Auto Show, with more than 500 new models in sight.

His parents Walter and Valerie do their best to keep up with him as he weaves through the aisles.

"He just said his head was going to explode," Walter said.

From sports cars to mini-vans, dealers are showing off their best stuff.

"So you can play two video games at the same time or two movies at the same time, which is really cool, keeps the peace in the family if you have kids back there wanting to do two different things," Toyota Product Specialist Vickie O'Brien said.

For Daxton, he's just happy going for a ride on the Dodge all-terrain simulator.

The Houston Auto Show is open through Sunday at NRG stadium. Tickets are $12 dollars for adults and $5 dollars for children.