Author Keith Komos: 'Nightmare' California killer's reign is over

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Golden State Killer arraigned (KTRK)

The case of the Golden State Killer is one that has drawn nationwide attention.

Even before this arrest, a Houston man made it his mission to tell the stories of the victims and the predator who did them such harm.

Keith Komos operates a webpage, and has written a book dedicated to revealing the intricacy of the crimes which stumped authorities in California starting more than 40 years ago.

"One of the biggest questions we have now is why? It's always been the question, who has been the main question but now we can focus on the why? Why does somebody commit over a decade of their life to inflicting pain on other people? And taking lives away? Why would he do this?" author Keith Komos said.

Komos lives in Houston, and studied the attacks of the Golden State Killer with a partner for more than two years.

"He committed 200 burglaries, he committed five assaults, and at least a dozen murders. He was a nightmare come to life, and thankfully the nightmare is over," Komos said.

He notes that there was long speculation about this prolific predator's ties to the military or law enforcement.
"What he didn't account for was that technology would keep advancing and advancing. He left his DNA all over the place," he said.

Komos says it was "disturbing" to find out Deangelo was allegedly living a double life as a killer and a police officer, but the arrest has been a relief to surviving victims, some of whom he's talked with since the arrest.

"Now we have a person to direct our anger at, and we have a name and a face to the person who committed these atrocities," Komos said.

It's a first step toward justice for the victims.
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