VIDEO: Baby wallabies find sanctuary after being rescued from Australia fire

AUSTRALIA -- An animal rescue group in Australia is now caring for a group of baby wallabies after they were rescued from the devastating wildfires.

Seven joeys were taken to the home of ecologist Shai Ager, who runs a wallaby-relocation project called the The Agile Project in Queensland.

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Ager shared a video on Facebook of the baby wallabies cuddled together in a shell pool before being distributed among her care team.

"All of these babies have come from down South. They were, unfortunately, victims of the fires as well," Ager says in the video.

"Their mums have either run out onto the roads because of the fires and have been hit or some of their mums have had really bad burns."

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The Agile Project was founded in Cairns to help protect local wallabies.

Ager says the center has been training volunteers for the past few years for a crisis event like the bushfires.
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