Attorney speaks on environmental effects of ITC Deer Park fire

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- "My eyes were burning and it lasted for a couple of hours," said Christina, a La Porte mom.

It's been a long three days for the people in this La Porte community. She added, "My work is safe away from here, but my kids are down the street from the chaos and everything that's going on, so it's hard for me if something does happen I can't get to them quick enough."

How long will the fire last? What's the immediate impact and long-term effects?

"This is an environmental disaster, honestly, and I call it a toxic cloud over Houston," said Houston attorney Benny Agosta, a partner with Abraham Watkins.

Agosta says he's heard from dozens of people he's taking on as clients from residents having secondary effects from eye irritations and breathing problems to firefighters.

"There's going to be some questions that need to be answered about the company's actions when it comes to distance between tanks, why the pumps and valves weren't working to empty the tanks off," said Agosta.

He says if you're having health issues, see a doctor and get documentation.

At Community Health 1st ER, a new urgent care just a mile from the plant, they are prepared for patients.

"We constantly have a board certified doctor here, two registered ER nurses and a radiology tech on staff. We have put another doctor and another nurse on call this next week just in case," said Vice President of Operations Randy Haddox.

While the smoke and fire have created anxiety and uncertainty, this decade long resident says she won't move. "No, I like the community, but it is scary when something like that happens," said Christina.

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