6-year-old escapes would-be kidnapper who put paper bag over her head

HOWELL, New Jersey -- Police in New Jersey say a 6-year-old girl escaped an attempted abduction on Sunday afternoon.

A 6-year-old girl told officers she was outside playing with friends. When most of the other children went inside, she had stayed outside cleaning up toys as her brother ran in to get a water bottle.

That's when a man driving a black SUV put a paper bag over the girl's head. The girl told police the man never grabbed her because she screamed and ran.

Police say the black SUV was in a parking spot in the area for awhile.

"She fended him off, screamed, ran inside and by the time the mother came out, the suspect had left the area," said Chief Andrew Kudrick with the Howell Township Police.

The child helped police come up with a description. The suspect is described as a white man, approximately 40 years old with black hair, a beard, and a thin build. He is described as wearing black shorts and a black t-shirt.

So far, there are no arrests.

Police are asking residents to review their security cameras for any footage that may be beneficial.

People are also being vigilant and keeping an eye out for any unfamiliar vehicles in the community.

"It's just kind of a wakeup call that no matter where you are or who you are, things like this can happen," said resident Danielle Newman.
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