Astros fans celebrate team's playoff run

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The last time the Astros season went this far in October George Bush was President, Pope John Paul II had died earlier in the year, and Lance Armstrong had won his record seventh straight Tour de France. No one "tweeted it out" because Twitter hadn't taken flight. And it's hard to imagine but if you're more than 8 years old, life did exist before the iPhone!

"Ten years ago I remember when Roger Clemens and Andy Petitte were pitching in the World Series," says Astros fan Ricardo Guerra. Bagwell and Biggio were also household names.

So where were fans then? Mitul Patel says, "I was in college and everyone got together and it was the most exciting time in the world watching it." Anil Sohani says, "Ten years ago I was a senior in high school. It's making me really feel my age right now." "Just getting older and fatter," says Matt Moursund as he laughs.

Fans have been waiting for a season like this. Beating the Yankees to get there makes it even sweeter. "I wish Jeter was here to see this, it would have been more exciting to beat him," says Anil Sohani.

Teams a decade apart with special talents yet very different dynamics. Valerie Lampson says, "I'm so excited about the players, they mesh together." "We've had a lot of veteran leadership in past years when we've done well so this year is fun to watch these young guys go out and do what they've done," adds Matt Moursund.

Fans are hoping this wait is well worth it. Anil Sohani says, "Ten years in the making and this should be sweeter than anything else."