These fans love the Astros so much, they painted their entire house for them

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Fans aren't shy about their love for the Houston Astros.

Some people like to cheer, some like to yell, some like to wear orange.

But for some it's go big or go home, or go big with your home like one woman who had a house painted in bright Astros colors near Washington Avenue.

"We are celebrating the Astros! These guys have been working for 162 games straight, working real hard," said fan Kathy Vossler.

Vossler wanted to to do something to say thanks, so she commissioned a local artist named Johnzie to transform her law office into an Astros house.

"We got excited, we got a little bit wrapped up in it, so we are having fun," Vossler said.

"I would have never thought of doing that!" Mimi Vossler, Kathy's mom, told ABC13.

But now Mimi has a big role in the ode to orange.

"I have been sitting in the chair daily watching the painter," Mimi explained.

The Astros artwork is nearly complete and already drawing a lot of attention.

"It's been a lot of fun. We see a lot of people come by and they will take a picture of Johnzie working, and we will take a picture of them taking a picture," Kathy said.

With a team that does so well, maybe every house in Houston should have that color scheme!


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