Meet Houston's newest sensation, Astros Girl

Thursday, August 4, 2016
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She's become known as Astros Girl, but there's more to her story.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- She is known as the girl who broke the internet on Tuesday night, or simply as "Astros Girl."

But Terann Hilow has been rocking Astros, Rockets and Texans tee's for two years.

Hilow's recent fame isn't new to her 38,000 Instagram followers. Dressing "street" for sporting events and the internet is what she does.

"I dressed up for the Texans, and a couple of my followers on Instagram were like can you do this team or this team, so I was like yea, sure no problem," said Hillow. "Before I knew it, I had done all 32 NFL teams with bikinis."

Since then, Hilow has branched out to all sports, all teams. She is surprised by the reaction she has received recently and says the outfit she wore Tuesday, wasn't even a finished product yet. "I was still putting it together an hour before I left the house. I wasn't even done sewing the bottom part of it, it was just an unfinished cut bottom. I was like no one is going to notice, because I didn't know we were going to be right behind home plate."

Hilow has grown up around sports all her life, and can talk it. She has done videos in the past for the Rockets website, and is quite the fan. Before her internet notoriety, Hilow was shy and even bullied as a kid.

"I didn't talk to anybody. People made fun of me. People would bring my kindergarten picture to school. People would be like, 'Oh my God, she was such an ugly duckling. Look at her.'" Hilow added, "I never thought that I was ugly or pretty. When I was younger, I didn't really care, I was always focused on school."

We asked Terann what the younger version of her would think of the woman she has become. "I would think that I was pretty cool."

She has received mixed reactions from women at the ballpark. "Some women come up to me and say, Oh my gosh, I love your outfit, or how did you do your hair. Some women give you salty looks, it's one way or the other. It used to get to me, but it doesn't any more because I feel, if you knew me personally, you wouldn't think anything negatively of me."