Man arrested in Florida for brutally stabbing man to death at bus stop

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The family of 26-year-old Jamel Brown, who was brutally stabbed to death in November, have some justice after police arrested the suspect in their son's murder.

Edward Hill, 37, was arrested on a warrant in Panama City, Florida, nearly three months after the murder, at a bus stop on Almeda Genoa Road near Minnesota Street.

Police say Brown was leaving work at the Superior Car Wash when Hill followed him to the bus stop and killed him.

"I cry almost every day, you know. I'll never have my son. I'll never be able to enjoy grandchildren, the time that we spent, the things we did, family events. He'll be missing," says mother, Deborah Brown. "I felt happy because what he did was a crime and it brought me some sense of, I won't so relief. I felt better but it won't bring my son back. I still have to suffer the loss of my son."

Hill answered to charges in probable cause court on Tuesday.

Witnesses told police Hill accused Brown of stealing something from his car while it was being washed at the car wash. Houston Police responded to the theft call, but found the accusation to be false.

Brown's mother is pleased with the work police put into this case.

"I'm thankful that they actually stayed on top of it and they worked the case and it didn't go cold," Brown said.

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