Gun-toting citizens open fire on suspected shoplifters

MARYSVILLE, Washington -- Armed shoppers shot out the tires of suspected shoplifters trying to make a getaway from a Washington store.

Several people who work right next to the Coastal store are relieved that the accused shoplifters have been caught.

But how things played out with the shots fired by armed citizens concerned them.

Davene Tuninga said, "I think it's good that they did that, but yet what if there would've been kids around?"

Police say two people took off with power tools from a Coastal store late Saturday afternoon.

When they got to their car in the parking lot, a shopper tried to confront them and showed them his gun.

The accused shoplifters struck that man with their car as they took off, according to police.

That's when two more shoppers carrying guns confronted the thieves.

The armed citizens fired several shots, hitting two tires on the getaway car.

The shooting terrified Monica Medina, who works at her family's restaurant, "Like, 'pom, pom, pom, pom.' it's really, really bad, and I'm so really scared," said Medina.

Brandy Sundin says she immediately locked the doors at her business. "I think someone could've been seriously hurt, and it could've gone the other way. And had it, that would've been bad."

The accused thieves got a few blocks and ditched their car, but were caught soon afterward.

The two citizens with the guns didn't stick around to talk to officers.
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