Texans cheerleader makes good on prom promise

Mike Ramirez and Texans cheerleader Caitlyn made a night of it
May 10, 2014 8:22:51 PM PDT
The Twitter prom proposal went viral and because of that, getting a Houston Texans cheerleader to the Crosby High School prom included lots of planning and security. every step of the way.

A nervous Mike Ramierez arrived to meet his prom date at Churrascos on Westheimer Saturday night.

"I didn't expect a cheerleader," he told us.

It's not just any cheerleader. She is the social media girl of his dreams; Texans cheerleader Caitlyn, ready in red for Ramirez's prom.

"I'm really happy for them," Ramirez's friend, Blake Wright, told us.

Getting her there was no easy task. In March, Ramierez took to Twitter and asked Caitlyn if she would go prom with him.

"I had a little doubt, but nothing impossible," he said.

She said yes, but there was one catch. He would have to get 10,000 retweets on his prom proposal.

He did.

"The moment it hit 10,000, I got text messages galore, saying, 'You're going to prom," said Caitlyn.

Photos were posted Saturday morning of Caitlyn getting ready to make good on her promise. There was another shot of her in the limousine. An HPD officer was close by every step of the way.

After dinner and breaking the ice with some 'selfies,' it was time for prom.

"I'll probably be smiling for a long time," said Ramirez.

Prom is over, but we have all the best moments for you on our Twitter feed.

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