Concertgoers shocked by high convenience fee


If you hate getting nickeled and dimed, you may not have bought a concert or event ticket recently because convenience fees a lot higher than before.

Try an added $30 per ticket. That's what fans of Fleetwood Mac say they are paying to see the show here at Toyota Center.

You might think the convenience fee covers things like the cost of buying the ticket online, but you are wrong! It turns out the fee actually goes to pay for that and other things like security, cleaning the venue and reimbursing the promoter.

And the fee changes from event to event, so you may see it as low as a dollar or two or as high as $30 per ticket. And that is what is upsetting Fleetwood Mac fans who say they only learned about the cost of convenience when they got to the online payment screen.

"It's almost like a bait and switch, they tell you the seat price, you get excited, you got the ticket and they whack you with the fee right at the end," fan Bob Palacios said.

So how can you avoid convenience fees? Get the tickets at the event box office, but that's not really an option when you consider the concerts sell out in minutes online.

When it comes to merchants, in Texas they are not allowed to charge you more for using a credit or debit card in person.

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