NASA's jumbo jet arrives at Space Center Houston


It was a slow-going journey but the 747 is finally at its destination.

The final leg of the trip went slowly at a pace of about three miles an hour on NASA Road 1. It reached its home at Space Center Houston at about 1am. Crews had to raise and lower electrical lines and wires to accommodate the aircraft.

The 747 flew shuttles on cross-country trips for decades. It will be reassembled at Space Center Houston and our shuttle replica, Independence, will go on top.

The new display will open in 2015.

"It helps tell the story of the whole shuttle program and of course of the shuttle carrier aircraft played and it will bring people all over the world to Space Center Houston," said Dr. Ellen Ochoa, Center Director for Johnson Space Center.

Once complete, the exhibit will stand more than eight stories tall, and allow visitors to enter the shuttle replica.

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