Club fight ends with parking lot brawl caught on camera


Edward West, Marcquise Kindle-Speed and several friends went to the Avani Lounge on Hillcroft Saturday night. While it started out fun, it ended up anything but on early Sunday morning. West says a verbal altercation that began inside the club spilled outside onto the parking lot. Around 2am, West says he and his friends were assaulted by several other people who were at the club.

"I was actually thinking I was going to die because I couldn't take all the punches to my head," Kindle-Speed said.

"I had to tell myself to get up, so I wouldn't be dead," West added.

The entire fight was caught on video. On it, you can see a number of people involved. West says he suffered a large bruise to his face, while Kindle-Speed's eye socket was damaged. Both sought out treatment at local hospitals.

Both men say they're lucky they got away with only the injuries they suffered.

"I guess finally they just got tired of fighting and just let us go," West said.

News of the brawl came as a surprise to other tenants of this strip center, who say the lounge is generally a good neighbor.

"They're very good, they've been there for four years. Their hot spot is on Saturday, so no problems at all," neighbor Eddy Deynes said.

The friends have filed a police report with the Houston Police Department. HPD confirms to Eyewitness News that an investigation will be conducted.

"I'm hoping the video will help to catch a couple of these people," Kindle-Speed said.

The owner of the club says he provides security for his club, and there was no incident that took place inside the club. Everything happened outside.

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