Parents upset after kindergarten show cancelled on Long Island


"They need to be educated but part of being educated is learning to sing together, and learning to be a community together and getting up on a stage and showing their voices," said Lisa Polese.

But kindergarteners at Harley Avenue Primary School in East Northport won't have that experience this year.

The school district has cancelled the annual end of the year kindergarten show because it says it's not the best use of the limited time teachers have with the students.

In a letter to parents the school district said "We are responsible for preparing children for college and career and getting rid of the show is in the best interests of the students."

"To have these kids children college ready? These kids just want to come home and play with their scooter," adds Polese.

Parent were not afraid to voice their opinions.

"This is what teachers are being told today. This is the message that is coming down from the state. It's crazy to think about a 5 year old being college and career ready but that's what these children are living with every single day," said Heather Ross.

Parents say the real issue is that here in the Elwood school district they only half day kindergarten because of the lack of state funding. That means the kids are in school for only about 2.5 hours every day. The school district says they just can't take any more time away from the classroom.

"They're babies. They need to have the show. It's important, it's part of self esteem it's part of self confidence, it's how they mature, it's how they grow. If the state is so concerned about college we should be full day," said Courtney Presti.

But it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon.

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