Celebrating children in a multicultural way


"Its' a day of dancing and games," said Brian Hill with the Houston Zoo.

It is a day, quite simply, to honor children. It's celebrated in Latin American countries at the end of April. And to that end, the zoo has had special kid-centered exhibits for the Gila monster and anaconda, among other creatures, all in appreciation of the importance of children in our community.

Not to be outdone, the Houston public library created a special feeling in its libraries with author story time and activities in its own Dia de los Libros.

"When you celebrate something like Dia de los Ninos, Dia de los Libros, (you have) kids enjoying stories," said Carmen Abrego with the Houston Public Library.

Of course, it wouldn't be Dia de los Ninos without a stop at the Children's Museum of Houston, with arts, crafts and activities all focused on our multicultural roots.

At some locations the celebration lasts more than just one day. At the Children's Museum of Houston, activities are going on through April 30.

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