Competitive eater eats 100 Peeps in less than three minutes

A competitive food eater stuffed 100 of the marshmallowy candies in his mouth in less than three minutes
April 19, 2014 8:16:26 AM PDT
Just in time for Easter, one world championship competitive eater took up a challenge to eat Peeps.

Matt Stonie has uploaded a video of him scarfing down 100 Peeps, 50 yellow, 50 pink.

Stonie is a competitive eater known for inhaling four Chipotle burritos in three minutes. For the 100-Peeps challenge, he devoured them all in 2-minutes and 10 seconds.

He did say that after eating all those Peeps, he started feeling a bit sick.

Lesson here? Don't try this at home.