Good Samaritans rescue mom, two kids after wreck in Crosby


It happened on Highway 90 at County Road 603. Patricia Limon, her five-year-old girl, Andrea, and two-year-old son, Arturo, are in the hospital after a crash family members are calling a tragic accident.

Their car is almost unrecognizable, the seats shoved forward in a mangled mess of metal. A truck was upside down several feet away.

"She just said it happened rapidly," Francisco Limon, a relative, told us. "She didn't have a chance to think."

The mother and children were going westbound on US 90 in a two-door sedan when investigators say a pickup truck slammed into them.

"The car was in the left hand lane and did like a barrel roll after it hit it," said witness Calvin Johnson. "The car went into the ditch. First thing I did was immediately pull over."

The truck driver was OK, but Johnson and others smashed through the car windows to get to the family.

"The boy had a gash on his head. He was unconscious. We had to cut him from the child belt," Johnson said. "After that, we pulled the lady out and laid her on the grass. Somebody was a paramedic. After that, we pulled the girl out from the other side."

Arturo was in critical condition and was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital by helicopter. Mother and daughter went in an ambulance.

It turns out, they were driving around picking up supplies for an Easter party Sunday. It was also going to be a birthday celebration for little Andrea.

"I saw her today at the house," said Francisco. "She was running around and playing around. She was waiting for tomorrow."

After hours of surgery, all three are now expected to survive, thanks, in part, to quick-thinking bystanders.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation, but investigators don't believe speed or intoxication were factors.

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