HISD reveals new mascots for four schools with Native American ones


Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier revealed new mascots for four schools Tuesday morning. This comes after complaints started surfacing about former mascots.

Hamilton Middle School used to be the Indians. They're now the Huskies. Westbury High School also decided on the Huskies mascot. They were formerly the Rebels. Welch Middle School, previously the Warriors, is now the Wolf pack, and Lamar High School changed from the Redskins to the Texans.

While some students say they'll miss the old mascot, they appreciate the process of picking the new ones.

"At first, it was something sad. I really enjoyed being the Indians, but I understood why students could be offended with Indians," said seventh-grader Ryan Martinez.

It all started back in December when Senator Rodney Ellis wrote a letter to Grier, asking him to change the mascot for Lamar High School. Ellis said he made the request after meeting with local Native American leaders who were concerned about the name.

After that, a series of votes and debates followed until January, when the HISD board approved name changes, which were then voted on and finally revealed Tuesday.

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