Tornado injures at least 1, damages homes just north of Huntsville


In all her years, Toni Cowger has never seen anything like yesterday.

"It would have probably killed me if I was sitting in my table where I usually sit," said Cowger.

"You didn't have time to think, It was there and gone. I was just trying to get myself up off the floor."

She was home alone inside what was her mobile home when she saw a piece of metal fly by the window. Before she knew it, three massive trees had been uprooted and were crashing through her home.

The sheriff's office shot video of the tornado from a distance. Cowger's was one of three mobile homes destroyed by it.

"It's big tornado, big, big, big tornado, said witness Victor Antonio.

Antonio saw a mobile home ripped from its ties. It flew higher than the trees, he says, and came to rest upside down.

He ran to help Cowger. He knew she was home. He and his son pulled her to safety.

The twister damaged a day care, Lovelady high school and several other homes. Cowger, though, counts herself as lucky. Her home was destroyed. Her family tried to help her salvage what she could.

"It's hard to watch my mom lose everything," said Charlie Cowger. "But you know what? We got her and you can't ask for anything more."

Toni Cowger says she received a nasty leg wound, but is just happy she survived. She is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother and says she won't let this get her down.

"I'm a tough old bird," she told us. "I'll make it."

The Red Cross will be in the area today to help any residents needing assistance.

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