Unique prom offers opportunity for teens suffering chronic illnesses


All of the teens suffer from some sort of chronic illness which renders them either hospitalized or homebound. They cannot go to school because of their various conditions, but now thanks to a compassionate young lady named Mikaela Aschoff, they can attend a prom. This night was her brainchild.

Mikaela is 17 years old and suffers from a condition known as dysautonomia -- a life-changing illness affecting the nervous system.

"I first fell ill four years ago at my freshman homecoming dance," she explained. "Through my experiences I found that I wanted to reach out to others like me who end up kind of isolated due to their illnesses."

Mikaela launched a charity organization called Mik's Hidden Hearts Alliance, focusing on teens and young adults suffering from chronic illnesses. This is the second year she has hosted a special prom for other sick teens.

Mik is a longtime patient at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital.

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