Raising awareness of child abuse in Harris County


"It's really important at DePelchin, as leaders in our community to raise awareness about this devastating situation of child abuse," said spokesperson Atasha Kelley-Harris.

April is child abuse prevention month and the goal is to tie those 5,929 blue ribbons to the DePelchin fence line, one for each child abuse victim. They have about 2,000 to go, and they'll get there with the help of people like Jeremy Belyeu, a foster parent who knows all too well what abuse can do to a child.

He said, "They have some severe mental, emotional issues and what they need most is a supportive, loving environment."

as volunteers stop by to tie on one, two, or more ribbons, DePelchin wants you to think about what you could be seeing and hearing from the children in your life.

Kelley-Harris said, "Unexplained bruises, lack of concentration, acting out in school for no reason."

"If you see a child in a situation, it could be life or death to these children," Belyeu said.

While Belyeu takes the responsibility personally, he believes it is everyone's responsibility.

"It takes a whole community to stop child abuse," Belyeu said.

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