Boy dies after being struck by vehicle in NW Harris Co.


It happened inside an apartment complex on Theissetta near Louetta. Authorities say a four-year-old boy was playing outside with his grandfather when he darted away and ran behind a pickup truck that was backing up.

"Very likable kid," said Mustafa Sherazi, the victim's great-uncle. "Very friendly and not at all mischievous or anything. He was just playing in the yard."

Family members say Zain Ali Hussein loved to play outside, especially with his younger sister. Friday morning, the four-year-old was playing with his toys while his grandfather stood nearby. A neighbor pulled out of his driveway and ran over him. It happened too quickly for his grandfather to save him.

"I heard the grandpa scream and I saw the ambulance come running down my road," said neighbor Jane Kannin. "I came out as fast as I could and the fire engines were coming and I ran out there and saw the little boy before they covered him up."

Detectives say it appears to be an accident.

Lt. David Mayes with the Precinct 4 Constable's Office said, "The male driver of the vehicle remained on scene and is cooperating with our investigation. That investigation is still ongoing."

The Hussein family and other neighbors say they often tell this driver and others who live nearby to slow down and watch out for children.

Kannin said, "I constantly run out and say slow down. He was just backing up, but with a heavy truck like that, and that little boy is only like four."

Family members are now planning a memorial for the little boy.

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