Enjoy crawfish without busting your mud bug budget


But there are a few places that won't bust your mud bug budget.

The folks at Eater Houston have created their list of the best Crawfish in town. The website devoted to all things food in Houston included restaurants, bars and shacks, plus an all you can eat location in their list.

"We kind of go around and find the best places that have good quality crawfish that they put the seasoning in the boil, they sprinkle the seasoning on top after it's been boiled. We try to look at quality above everything else when it comes to crawfish," said Darla Guillen of Eater Houston.

If you want to sit and eat crawfish in a restaurant, LA Crawfish provides one of the best values.

"This is one of the best prices at $6.99 a pound, you can't really get much better than that," said customer Jason Smith.

You will pay a little more for crawfish if you sit down in a full service restaurant, and Bayou City Seafood is another option. There, crawfish cost $1 more per pound, but they also have happy hour deals that usually cost $6.99 per pound.

Big Woodrow's off Chimney Rock also made the list. The bar brags that its crawfish is award-winning, and Eater Houston picked it for its selection of beer and price of crawfish at $6.99 per pound.

"I think in comparison to the quality that you are getting, and the food, it's an incredible price," crawfish fan Kimberly Gaona said.

If you're looking for an all you can eat option, check out The Mezzanine Lounge on Sundays. Starting at 2 p.m., there are endless mud bugs for just $25 per person. That includes corn, potatoes, sausage, mushrooms, and discounted drinks.

Want something a little different? Venture off to Chinatown.

"Bigger variety of something that is spicier or sweeter, buttery garlic crawfish, or something that is more traditional, you are going to get a better deal in Chinatown," Guillen said.

But if you really want to be in the know, it will pay to follow local crawfish restaurants to find out the best deal because the market is always changing.

"The best way to get the best deal on crawfish is to be looking on Facebook, looking on Twitter, looking online, to see if some of your favorite breweries, or some of your favorite bars, that don't typically offer food will have a boil one weekend, and they will announce it the day before," Guillen said.

Eater Houston's Top 10 Best Crawfish Restaurants

  1. Wild Cajun
  2. LA Crawfish
  3. Boiling Crab
  4. The Cajun Stop (formerly Calliope's)
  5. Crawfish and Noodles
  6. Hank's Cajun Crawfish
  7. Seafood Shoppe
  8. BB's Café
  9. Good Ole Boys
  10. Ragin' Cajun

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