Brace yourselves: Gas prices going up


Just in time for driving season, higher prices are at the pump; but if it was not for Texas, the prices would be even higher.

With gas prices topping $3.41 cents a gallon, Larry Poore of Spring looks for the best deals when he can.

"They are higher right here where I am filling up, but they are cheaper on the outside of town, I just happen to be on empty so I needed to get gas," Poore said.

Prices are definitely on the rise. The average is $3.40 a gallon in Houston and going higher, according to Houston energy analyst Alan Lipow.

"What we have seen is refiners converting from the winter to the summer grade formulation, prices have been rising but they are about to end, I don't expect prices to rise another five cents a gallon," Lipow said.

Lipow says Texas is playing huge roll in keeping gas prices in check.

"Texas oil production is now at an all time high at nearly 2.9 million barrels a day, which makes us on par with Kuwait. Had it not been all this increased oil production in Texas and North Dakota, we'd see prices even higher than they are today," he said.

Houston drivers may not like gas above $3 a gallon, but it's cheaper than last year at this time.

"Right now we are looking at an average in the Houston area of 3.41 cents a gallon, but this time last year it was 3.51 so we are actually paying less than last year," said Sarah Shimmer with AAA Houston.

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