Venomous African snake loose in apartment complex in South Carolina

A venomous African snake called the Gaboon viper is on the loose in South Carolina.

April 5, 2014 7:32:44 AM PDT
Residents of an apartment complex in South Carolina are on the lookout for an aggressive snake that may be slithering around their homes.

Pest control workers found this shedded skin at the complex in the city of Mount Pleasant. Experts say its from a Gaboon viper, which is highly venomous.

Apartment management immediately informed residents to be careful.

"I laughed my tail off and I read the letter to my wife. It's a crazy thing just to gone through all that we have in life and then maybe die by some rare African viper," apartment resident David Berardino said.

That particular type of snake is illegal to own. Officials with the local serpentarium have been notified about the search.

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