Boy attacked by dogs in east Houston park


The 13-year-old boy was released from the hospital Thursday night with bites all over his body. We were with animal control officers while they tried to capture the dogs.

For hours, uniformed officers wove in and out of neighborhood streets as if to catch a dangerous predator.

"We've called the city and they say, 'Can you catch 'em?' And I said, 'Say what?'" one neighbor said.

In this case, they were on the hunt for up to 10 dogs. We followed close behind, catching glimpses of them, ducking under fences and into people's backyards.

"We're having trouble with them coming into my backyard. They would jump on my dog," the neighbor said.

The pack of stray dogs is to blame for viciously attacking 13-year-old Carlos Chavarria around 4:30pm Thursday in Pleasonton Manor Park while on his way home from school.

"Fifteen, 20 seconds longer, that boy would've been dead," witness T.L. Thomas said.

Thomas saw the commotion and stepped in.

"I yelled and kicked a little bit and they moved around. I tried to see if the little boy was all right, noticed blood," Thomas said.

The boy's mother tells us his efforts saved her boy.

"He had lacerations on his arms, his legs, and they were bandaging him up," witness Rodney Rogers said.

Neighbors say they've complained about the same pack several times. And this is the last straw.

"They need to go ahead and shoot 'em and get it over with. And make sure these people who have these dogs, if they want them, keep 'em locked up," the neighbor said.

The dogs remain on the loose.

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