New Jersey dog that went missing 17 months ago reunited with family


The Cruz family, of Hillsborough, thought the phone call they received from West Windsor police was an April Fool's Day prank after the dispatcher told them they had found Wesley the Labrador.

An officer had been dispatched to a report of a loose dog in the area of Manor Ridge and Stonelea around 7 a.m. Tuesday. At the scene, he found a very friendly and large pooch that jumped right into the back of his patrol car and was more than happy to go for a ride.

The dog was transported to Weber's Boarding Facility, where his Microchip was identified. The dispatcher utilized this information to obtain the dog owner's information.

The dispatcher contacted Myra Cruz and inquired about her lost dog, assuring her it was not a prank. The entire Cruz family made the trek immediately to West Windsor Police Headquarters, where they were happily reunited in the lobby.

Wesley's whereabouts over the last 17 months remains a mystery, but the family reports he is clearly happy to be home.

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