Moms of multiples to hold garage sale


The Bellaire Mothers of Multiples group is hosting its garage sale on Saturday, and all moms are encouraged to come and shop.

Whether you have multiple children or just one, the sale has plenty of great gear for sale. The items might come in two, threes, or fours, but the prices are right with plenty of deals.

Lorraine Koerner is the mother of triplet boys and like most moms, has accumulated quite a bit of stuff. That's why she and other moms of multiples in the group hope to unload all their gently used items at their semi-annual sale.

"It's really great, it gives us a chance to clean out our closets, kind of get ready for the kid's life and gives us a chance to give back to the community as well," Koerner said.

There is a quadruple stroller, a trio of high chairs, three of the same toy, and bottles galore. And did we mention the clothes?

"There are racks and racks of clothes," Koerner said.

The items are all in like-new condition, and many still have their original boxes. Bottles are $1 and shows are a hot item -- many going for around $5.

"A lot of stuff we used for a couple of months, 3 to 6 months and we turn it around and sell it around at the garage sale," mom of twins Amanda Sorena said.

The moms are careful about what they sell, making sure merchandise is not on the recall list.

"Car seats can't be expired, toys can't be broken -- things have to be in great, clean working order," Sorena said.

The garage sale is Saturday April 5 from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. at the Westbury United Methodist Church at 5200 Willowbend Blvd. The event is free to attend, but the sales are cash only.

For more information on the sale, click here.

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