Principal warns parents about 'Eraser Challenge'


It's no joke, the young teenagers are actually erasing their skin until it bleeds and burns.

Infections are a problem, so why would the kids do this?

It's a challenge that's taking off in schools for all the wrong reasons.

"They're comparing marks with their friends to see how far they have gotten and what marks look like," said Derek Muharem, the Principal at Bethel Middle School.

It's called the eraser challenge, and the goal is to rub your skin with an eraser until it's sore and red and in some cases until the skin breaks.

"Kids are mutilating themselves or doing stuff just to hurt themselves," said John Luhrs, a parent.

At Bethel Middle School in Connecticut, the principal sent letters home to parents warning them of this new problem, after learning at least dozen students had hurt themselves.

"They're saying the alphabet, but they're creating a word for it, so it's A for apple, B for boy," Muharem said.

There are plenty of eraser videos on YouTube, this as kids and adults issue the warning that this challenge is D for dumb.

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