Johnny Football puts on a show for pro day


You can't answer every question on a day like this. How will he do reading NFL defenses for the first time? Is he really ready to dedicate himself to the NFL life style like Peyton Manning? (More on that coming up.) But Manziel did answer some questions today with positive results.

The biggest takeaway is that Manziel thrives on the big stage. Confirmed what we saw against Alabama. Bring on the GMs and NFL head coaches to see me perform. Manziel loves it like few others.

We also saw a very clear statement from him that "I am unique." From the helmet and shoulder pads to the camo shorts, all of that is by design. So was the workout with the roll outs and deep balls. Manziel is different and not afraid to show that.

That being said, he also showed NFL style drop backs. 5 step, 7 step. Quick throws and almost every NFL style pass you can imagine. He was on target and on time. Deep balls were great.

The one question from the throws is still his passes 20-25 yards down field. Kurt Warner pointed out he dropped his arm on those and it affected his zip and accuracy some. It can be fixed, but probably needs some work.

The perfect team for Manziel? One that will give him some time to learn from a veteran. Not prolonged. But some time. You also must be willing to build at least some around what he does and does well. You also have to believe Manziel will listen to Brady and P. Manning. He's been talking with them and texting. If he takes that to heart, he has every chance to be really, really good.,

David Nuno

I have been to my fair share of pro days, but the Johnny Football Pro day felt like a CGI production. From the music, to the passion, swag and yes the throws, Manziel was electrifying.

Not only did he complete 61-64 passes, his touch was there. Sure, there was no JJ Watt there to run him down, but when he did run, he threw the ball accurately. When Manziel made a big play, he reacted.

The fact he wore a helmet and shoulder pads shouldn't be a shock, but no one does it at a pro day. Why did he do it? Because that's what football players do. He mentioned he had nothing to hide.

Texans Head Coach, Bill O'Brien, said pro day is just part of the evaluation process, well Manziel did his part today.

Manziel followed his pro day with individual meetings with the Texans and Jaguars. If the Texans don't draft him, they very may well see him twice a year.

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