Cheap ways to spruce up your home decor for spring


Designer and professional home stager Lisa Goe with the Luxe Designer says tackling this project is all in the details. She keeps her clients' homes staged with minimal personalization, but she says your own home should be custom to you.

One of her favorite ways to create that personalization is with a collage of wall art. She uses a combination of old pictures frames in various sizes. Spray painting them all the same color keeps the look very uniform and matches the rest of your décor. A focal point painting or picture brings the entire project together.

"I lay everything out on the floor.Then I start with the center piece and I do center of the center piece up-- 5 foot up and that's normally eye level. If it's above a sofa or console normally 8 to 12 inches above the piece of furniture you are putting the piece above," Goe said.

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