Vandals dressed up like rock stars go on rampage in New Jersey


The vandals wore distinct white masks with a black star covering one eye, masks resembling the rockstar band "Kiss". On camera, they gave one very expensive performance.

Owner Walter Carol says the vandals damaged more than two dozen vehicles. The worst damage was to a 2010 S-Class Benz. From one angle, one guy hits the car with a metal pipe – another angle, a shovel. On the right, the car was sprayed with spray paint. Finally, the vandals did a two-step on the hood and the windshield.

The vandals stopped and ran when the car alarm went off. The overall damage is estimated at $40,000.

"It puts me in a bad spot with customers. I got to tell them what happened," says Carol.

This is not the first time surveillance cameras have captured a group of vandals hard at work – they did the same thing last October. It could be two different groups, but they used the same graffiti.

Police believe the vandals are young men. One is wearing a Rangers jersey, and another has a cast on his left arm - two crucial clues for police.

Carol says his guys have already started repairing vehicles. He is hoping for an arrest so the vandals can pay. However, the shop remains vulnerable - it is tucked in a corner away from the road, but the cameras are always watching.

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