Avoid baggage fees with packing tips from a pro


"I believe that when you are starting to pack and you are going for a weekend trip somewhere plan ahead and pick pieces that you can interchange and mix together. That way you may wear the same thing twice in a totally different outfit and you have completely separate looks," said Dianna Miller Sales.

Stylist Dianna Miller Sales, and author of the blog 'Life is Too Short To Blend In," says you can look good and pack less as long as you pack the right items.

"If you have a lot of versatile items that can make you four days worth of outfits," said Sales.

Here's what you'll need - and you probably already have this stuff - a black pair of pants, a white shirt, a sweater, a neutral dress, scarf, belt, pearls and a pair of flats and a pair of heels.

"Your white blouse, your black pants. Fitted, short enough to where you can wear flats and heels," said Sales. "Grab your sweater. Your long grey sweater and your flat shoes in case you have to run through the airport and your pearls because you need a little accessory. Chic and understated but you look really put together, like you put some thought into this."

And you can change the look of this same outfit.

"Keep your pearls on. This is from day to evening, so change your shoes and put on your heels," said Sales. "Give this white blouse some shape by adding a belt. One more finishing touch - don't forget your scarf, it could be cold that night."

You might be surprised at the different looks you can get out of one dress.

"Just like the black pants and the white shirt, a neutral fitted dress is another great blank canvas to take on a trip. You can add accessories or take off accessories depending on what your activities are. You can change the look of this simple dress with these few things. Add your belt and your pearls for simple daytime," said Sales. "If it's cool outside, throw your scarf on and then for a little more coverage put on your sweater for something a little more coverage at night. Three different looks with the same dress -- it's pretty easy."

Dianna says the type of shoe you bring makes all the difference.

"When you buy a pump or any shoe that has an exotic skin, like a python, lizard or even an alligator stamp in it, it's really versatile because it has color. Like if it's a brown alligator it has black in it, light brown or camel so you can wear it with anything," she said.

Oh, and don't forget the handbag!

"You look really great in any setting with a handbag that has some structure," said Sales. "It keeps its shape whenever it's sitting by your chair at the restaurant. When you are holding it, it's just a nice way to put whatever you may need - bottled water, earplugs - whatever you need for the plane on the trip. A structured handbag is really chic, streamlined and it will go with anything that you pack.

Other packing options from Dianna, for packing for a weekend work trip:

  • Straight leg jean, same as the black pants -- can wear with flats or pumps. Skinny works too but if you are traveling with colleagues, maybe jeans that look painted on aren't always what you should be going for.
  • The perfect pencil skirt -- this goes back with any top on here, either sweater for both work or play, and both shoes. No brainer, just make sure it fits snug without cupping your rear too much.
  • Stylishly printed sweater-even on a work trip, you may get to have some fun. Heaven forbid. But if you have a slightly more casual day, this sweater open over the black button down and either the black pant or skirt will keep you professional at the meetings but still very fresh looking.
  • Sunglasses -- not too big, you aren't a rock star. Big enough that you want to hide tired eyes. Simple, black, goes with everything.

For more style tips from Dianna, check out her website.

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