Meet Tellina Hardin

HOUSTON Instead, she woke up three days later to learn she had received 20 units of blood due to unforeseen complications. Thanks to blood donors, Tellina is alive and well for her two children. Tellina met five of her blood donors during The Blood Center's first donor-recipient meeting in November 2013. The following is Tellina's story in her own words:

On December 13, 2012 in the early morning hours I went in for what I thought was going to be a "normal" delivery for my second child, a big baby boy. Things slowly but surely went south when the nurses had me start to push at 7cm dilated instead of 10cm. My Dr. arrived and realized I was only 7cm and stopped everything.

As time passed I ended up having a emergency cesarean section (c-section), because he was too big and I was not dilating enough. Immediately after delivery I knew something was wrong.

I went into recovery and all heck broke loose when they discovered after some time passed that I was actually hemorrhaging. In the end I ended up receiving 20 units of blood along with several other procedures to stop the bleeding, and having a partial hysterectomy at 31 years old. If it were not for God covering me and all I've the wonderful people who gave bold to save my life then I would not be here to raise my two beautiful children! My six year old daughter's life would have been forever changes and my awesome son would not know me at all.

Thank God for his grace and mercy! I can't do anything, but thank GOD, everyone who prayed for me, and all the donors who gave blood that I am still alive and well to be here with my two children, family, and friends! I have a new lease on life; I am forever changed and grateful!!

Give BLOOD it Saves lives... It saved mine and changed it for the Better!!

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