Meet Robert Nygard

HOUSTON Shortly after his accident, he started working at Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he sees the need for blood donations firsthand and helps coordinate six blood drives a year. The following is Robert's story in his own words:

In 1983, a friend and I were on the way home. It was night time and there was a car at the light and it was green but he wasn't moving, and my friend Jimmy ran into the back of the car going 55 MPH.

I went through the front windshield and back in. I cut my face and neck and need 107 stitches. I was bleeding very badly. I needed a lot of blood. This is why I started donating to save other peoples' lives like they saved mine.

I started to work for Memorial Hermann Hospital in 1985 and every day, I see people coming who were in car wrecks, gun shots, etc. I started working on a Committee called Partners In Caring and one of our Duty's is to have Blood Drives for the Community. I started helping out at the Blood Drives and now I'm one of the Chairperson.

I love working with folks and letting them know that they too can save 3 lives if they donate and I encourage them to Commit for Live because one day it might be them needing Blood.

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