Scour the flea market for Rodeo wear


"We have Western boots 100 percent leather, different colors, different sizes," said store owner Ernesto Salazar.

Salazar runs Booth A60 called 7 Leguas. His store is a treasure trove of handmade Western wear straight from Mexico with belt buckles, shirts, boots, and hats all at discounted prices.

"I've spent about $45 here. If I had gone to Walmart, probably would have been about $70 for the same boots I got here," one shopper said.

There are dozens of stores within the flea market with something to fit everyone in the family.

"Kids sizes are from 2 to 6 and adults are from 4 to 12," salesman Ignacio Aguilar said. "Belts all the way from 36 to 40-something, and that's a good size."

Aguilar has been helping customers find the perfect match for even the hardest of shoppers this Rodeo season. When it comes to hats, 7 Leguas will shape, mold, and form them right on the spot to guarantee a perfect hit.

"Your way, also your style. If you want them pointy, we can get them pointy. If you want them flat, you can get them flat. We will get it your style," Aguilar said.

The store has a complete stock of accessories that include belt buckles starting at $24. Wallets go for $24.99, and a complete set of buckles and cowboy ties will run you $29.99. There is also a full selection of Western jackets starting at $95.

If you already have a pair of loved boots, the store can also do minor repairs to make them last another year.

"We have a shiner, if it's scratched up we fix it," Aguilar said.

If you have a hat that has been sitting in the closet, the guys at 7 Aguilar can get it back in shape to show off at Rodeo.

"Basically everything you need for Rodeo we have here," Aguilar said. "Just come to 7 Leguas and we'll get it for you."

La Estrella Flea Market is only open Friday-Sunday. For more information, click here.

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