Secrets from Victoria's Secret Angels


Every year, angels in skimpy but elaborate outfits spread their wings and strut down the runway of the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Millions of people around the world tune in to watch.

For the seventh year in a row, Candice is one of them -- this year, the star of the show. With just weeks before the bright lights hit, we wanted to know how she was getting ready.

"People think that we don't get nervous because I've been doing it for so many years, but I think I get more nervous every year," she says.

Candice says throughout the year depending on her schedule she works out about three days a week. Leading up to the big show, she works out almost every day.

"The day of the show you're like, okay, there's nothing more I can do, this is it. But before, I'm like, let's get in the gym! 10 o'clock at night, let's get in the gym!" she laughs.

What area does she focus on most?

"I think it's really important to have beautiful strong legs and a nice full butt on the runway," she says with a laugh.

"I don't do any strenuous running or cardio. It's more about resistance work for me. So, it's more about the burn," she says. "We do a lot of squats, but you really have to do it slowly so you feel it."

Candice does 10 slow squats, followed by 10 short and another 10 long. She doesn't come all the way up so that she never loses the resistance. No surprise, Candice likes to work out in Victoria's Secret sport apparel.

"It does give you a little more motivation when you see yourself in it" she says.

"I think the thing about their sports bras is that Victoria's Secret knows what a woman needs in a regular bra, so they take that and put it into the sportswear and you still feel sexy wearing it. So, it gives you a little push up, it gives you that little Victoria's Secret touch."

The wings are another story.

"Once you find out if you're wearing wings or not, you have to do different kinds of workouts to get the muscles in your back prepared. You have to have a certain posture to carry them," she says.

While they make the wings look easy, Candice says they're anything but. One year, she had a pair of wings so heavy that they had to be cancelled in the end.

"If I had fallen, I would have never been able to get up on my own," she says. "Somebody would have had to come on stage and pick me up."

This year, Candice has the honor of wearing the fantasy bra.

"It is the $10 million bra, made of jewels and diamonds. I have to say it's my favorite bra of all time," she says.

She doesn't get to keep it, but the interesting thing is that it only fits her.

"These two women came and made a plaster of paris mold of my breasts," she says.

If you think that's crazy, Candice shared another beauty secret from backstage: there's a whole room set aside for bronzing and shimmer.

"Everyone comes out looking like they've just spent two weeks in Hawaii, but it's actually winter in New York," says Candice.

A Mirror/Mirror facebook fan, Tina, had a question for Candice: When she's walking down the runway, does she feel empowered or vulnerable?

"On the sidelines I feel vulnerable, 10 seconds before I walk out, but I kind of give myself a little pep talk in my mind. Once I'm on the runway, I feel amazing and I just enjoy the music and just feel the moment. I kind of let it all go," she says.

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