Texas man who claims he killed the legendary Bigfoot takes Eyewitness News on hunting trip


This isn't the first time rick dyer has claimed to have killed Bigfoot. Last time, the body turned out to be a gorilla suit. But before you laugh him off, consider what a big draw he is. In Houston, three of his shows have sold out. He took us out in the woods, just west of I-10 and the Beltway.

If "Harry and the Hendersons" didn't make you a believer, maybe Rick Dyer can. The self-proclaimed master Bigfoot tracker took me out in the woods.

"You have to become the woods, you have to become Sasquatch. And that's what I do," Dyer said.

Dyer's home videos show him using some pretty powerful weapons and Walmart ribs for bait. But we wanted to see Dyer's hunting skills in person so we went out hunting in the middle of the woods with him.

I respect you and I'm having a great time, but this is ridiculous," we told Dyer.

"If it were ridiculous then I wouldn't have sold out shows," he said.

You can't argue with him there. Dyer has been traveling the country with what he claims is the body of Bigfoot, named Hank. Three shows in the Houston area have sold out.

"You've got a trailer that says I'll pull over for $20 and show you Bigfoot. A lot of people think you're just a guy who wants to make money," we told Dyer.

"Well, I am a guy who wants to make money," he said.

Dyer travels with a publicist and a filmmaker. And he'll readily admit, he's more circus performer than hunter.

Dyer's tour, named "I Told You So," goes to Louisiana. That show is also sold out.

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