Bus driver attack in New York caught on camera; Victim: No one protected me


ABC7 New York reports that the passenger went ballistic, punching and hitting the female driver, all the while a young child was by her side.

The bus driver, Keisha McGregor, tells ABC7 she is upset because none of the 30 people on the bus came to her defense. At least two of them used their phones to shoot video, instead of call 911, she said.

Why did it happen? Witness Anthony McLaughlin told ABC7 it was because the driver missed her stop.

"She attacked her; she threw punches," McLaughlin said.

After the assault, the angry passenger grabbed a little girl's hand and walked off the bus.

McGregor called for help, cleared the bus and was taken to a nearby hospital.

The suspect hasn't been seen since, but police are looking to speak with her.

Get more on McGregor's story from our sister station, WABC-TV.

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