Jerry Patterson explains why he is the best candidate for Lt. Governor


Commissioner Jerry Patterson is a self-described "straight- talker" who says it's time for a change and Patterson says with his grass roots campaign, he's confident he will be the next Lt. Governor.

It's been about several days of campaigning across the state. As third term Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson works to convince conservative voters he should be the next Lt. Governor.

"Voters are now beginning to pay attention and I think they are choosing Jerry Patterson over the other gentleman in this race," he said.

The Republican, Houston native and former Marine admits he is running a grassroots campaign, reportedly spending much less than his rivals, incumbent, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, State Senator Dan Patrick and Agriculture Commissioner, Todd Staples.

"I think clearly I'm head and shoulders above, I shouldn't say that but I believe it's true, because I'm a straight shooter," said Patterson. "I'm going to tell you what I think my story is not going to change from day to day and venue to venue."

Patterson says he wants voters to focus on his record and conservative stance. As a state senator, his legislation lead to the passage of concealed hand gun laws and as Lt. Governor he says he would support open carry laws, campus carry laws and oppose background checks for sale and or transfer of firearms between private individuals.

When it comes to immigration, Patterson says he opposes amnesty, supports English as the official language and stresses he did not vote for or support in state tuition for illegal aliens.

Patterson says it's time for change.

"The thing that needs to change is leadership, they may not like me, particularly the Democrats but I will have their respect and I will lead the senate. That's something that's not occurring right now," he said.

Commissioner Patterson will be heading the road all week campaigning in Central Texas. He received a high-profile endorsement from former Presidential candidate and Senator Ron Paul.

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