Consumers complain about unwanted emails sent by company called Fanbox


It's called Fanbox, and those who are getting email from the company say they want it to stop, but it's not that easy.

Author Dayna Steele gets a lot of email.

"I am constantly on it, that's what I do," Steele said.

So when an email claiming Steele had earned money for doing nothing, she sent it to the trash bin.

"That was my first clue that something was wrong, because nobody ever just says, here's money for nothing," she said.

Steele says then more emails from Fanbox started coming. She says clicking on the unsubscribe link did no good.

"Once it starts, apparently it does not stop," she said.

Across the country, consumers are complaining about getting emails from Fanbox that tell them money is waiting. In some cases, consumers report being asked to send the company money to access the previously unknown account, and in other cases, consumers report being billed without consent.

The company is based out of San Diego and those who have complained to the Better Business Bureau there have gotten the problems resolved. The BBB in Houston says if consumers click on links in any Fanbox email, the company sets up an account but getting money out is another issue.

"Anybody who actually said they made money or actually pulled money, from what I can see, I have not seen any cases like that," said Susan Schade with the Houston BBB.

We called and sent emails to Fanbox, but have not heard back from the company.

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