Massage therapist advertising 'vampire facelifts' arrested after client death


The arrest comes after one of Sandra Perez Gonzalez's clients went into cardiac arrest during a treatment and died.

"She did offer procedures augmenting certain areas of the body through injection," said Sgt. Megan Zabel with the Long Beach Police Department.

Paramedics found 36-year-old Hamilet Suarez in full cardiac arrest under suspicious circumstances at Areli's Beauty Salon in Long Beach Wednesday afternoon. The married mother was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Investigators say Gonzalez initially said Suarez came in for a massage, but before the massage started, Suarez went into medical distress. But medical equipment and vials of what are believed to be a controlled substance were found in the room, so authorities called in homicide detectives.

They learned Gonzalez, who was renting a treatment room in the salon, had been advertising that she performed butt and lip augmentation and vampire facelifts, as well as massages.

"She was a licensed massage therapist. She's only been licensed for about 2 weeks as a massage therapist. However, she did not have a license to perform any type of medical treatment," said Zabel.

Police say it appears Gonzalez has been performing the numerous cosmetic procedures for the last month.

Gonzalez is being held on $10,000 bail for possession of a controlled substance.

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