Oversharing on social media -- are you guilty?

File image: Facebook and Twitter logos

February 14, 2014 8:09:03 AM PST
We often hear complaints that people share too many details of their lives on social media, which can be a problem when what you post is seen by the wrong person.

ABC30 in Fresno asked Maryann Verdu at the Workforce Connection in Central Fresno about oversharing. She told them even the most innocent of pictures can disqualify you as a job candidate.

"I think people that post to social media need to remember they're not violating your privacy," Verdu told ABC30. "That's public information and you made the decision of what information you put out there."

Even if you're not looking for work, oversharing can be risky and potentially damaging. Posting where you live, checking-in at your favorite hangout or sharing questionable snapshots can bring unwanted attention.

Online protection is available from sites like, secure.me. The site scans your Facebook profile for a variety of threats or weak points in your settings, ABC30 reports. It also advises against posting relationships and work history.

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