Brain dead woman gives birth to healthy baby

Dylan Benson's wife, Robyn, was declared brain dead in December after she was stricken by a brain hemorrhage. She was 22 weeks pregnant and put on life support to help give the fetus a better chance of survival.

Over the weekend, Benson welcomed a son and mourned the loss of his wife.

Iver Cohen Benson was born Saturday night, 12 weeks premature and weighing in at just 2 pounds 13 ounces.

Hours after the caesarian section, doctors removed her life support and she died.

Their tragic story touched a chord across Canada and beyond. A fundraising drive to help Benson take time off work far exceeded its target. He says the money raised will help pay for his son's education, and will help him hire caregivers.

The new baby will have to stay in intensive care for two or three more months. When he's big enough, Benson says he plans to read him all the kind notes people have written and tell him what a great person his mother was.

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